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Fossil Set, Fossil Kit, Fossil Collection - Pine Box

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This fossil kit comes in a pine wood box as shown in the pictures.  We also sell this fossil kit in a cardboard box for a cheaper price.  
  • A great fossil starter kit, good value fossil collections for kids.
  • Each fossil will be of similar size and quality as the ones pictured.
  • Contains 6 genuine fossils: Ammonite, Sea Urchin, Orthoceras, Trilobite, Septarian Nodule, Goniatite plus the pine wood box and filler in the pictures.
  • Includes a flyer with interesting information about each fossil such as how many years ago each fossil could have lived.
  • Best gift for young fossil collectors, geology studies, young science enthusiasts, especially for those with an interest in Geology and Paleontology.
  • Educational and fun! This fossil kit is perfect for introducing kids to various lives which existed 400-500 million years ago!