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Large Blue Agate Coasters Blue Geode Coasters Set of Four - Agate Slice Geode Slice Crystal Coasters Rock Coasters Stone Coasters - Large Agate Slice

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This is the exact set of four blue agate coasters you will receive!

Round to slightly oval agate slices in shades of blue - perfect size for geode coasters. These geode slices make beautiful stone coasters.

I use only slices that are high quality Brazilian agate with great color, translucency and interesting banding patterns.

These crystal coaster slices are polished.  We will include 4 rubber bumpers per slice if you wish to add them. You can use them as coasters, frame them, or use them in crafts. They would also be great mineral specimens to add to a rock and crystal collection. The possibilities are endless!

Want me to frame them for you? I can do that! Send me an email to discuss options and pricing!

Agate is a variety of silica also sometimes known as “banded chalcedony.” It is most often formed as nodules in volcanic rock. A vapor vesicle in the rock fills in over time with layers of chalcedony and crystalline quartz. When the cavity does not fill in completely there will be a geode center with the crystal points directed toward the interior of the specimen. The stone was named after the river Achates (now known as Dirillo and located in modern day Sicily) by the Greek naturalist Theophrastus. Agate has a long history of use for artistic and decorative purposes.