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Mixed Variety Agate Place Cards 2.5"-3.75" Blank Geode Wedding Crystals Placecards Bulk Agate Slices Wholesale Geodes

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Blank agate place cards. These are 2.5 inch to 3.75 long agate slices in a variety of colors - blue, green, pink, and purple.  These are beautiful bulk wholesale priced size 1 agates slices.  They are great for wedding place cards or crafts.  These are real Brazilian agate slices that have been dyed blue, green, pink, and purple and have been polished on both sides.

We hand select excellent quality agate slices that are ALWAYS the appropriate size, never smaller than advertised. We choose slices that do not have open holes in the middle, so they are great for writing names on. My slices are genuine and always A quality pieces - never poorer B or C quality agate slices.

We also have teal, burnt orange, and natural (tan, brown, grey) colors available with larger sizes of all colors (3.5"- 4.5" long) - please contact for a quote or custom quantity.  Also, if you want a specific color mix, we can do custom quantities of each color you desire.

This item is a commercial craft supply and was manufactured in Brazil.