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Natural Ammonite Fossil: 6.25" Diameter, 3 lb 0.9 oz (1.338 kg), Unpolished Rough

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Fossil Specimen

Amazing rough natural whole ammonite fossil from Morocco.  It measures approximately 6.25 inches across and 2.15 inches think.  It weights 3 pounds 0.9 ounces or 1.388 kilograms.  This specimen shows a lot of stunning details and is quite fascinating to touch and feel.  #8

History of Ammonites

There were many different types of ammonites dating between the Jurassic and Devonian periods (65 and 419 million years ago).  The more complex the ammonite fossils, the more recently they were created in those periods.  Ammonites died away at the same time as the dinosaurs.  

Ammonites (subclass Ammonoidea) can be distinguished by their septa, the dividing walls that separate the chambers and are a group of extinct marine mollusc animals in the subclass Ammonoidea of the class Cephalopada.  These mollusks are more closely related to living coleoids such as octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish.